Sipping tea and watching the snowfall; just another Oxford afternoon. The view from my window: It may not be the beautiful Stanford House garden, or the deer park that I know some of the people in Magdalen see when they look outside, but it’s beautiful to me. I love leaving the curtains open to wake up with the sun, I love making my morning pot of earl grey and pushing up the window to let the sound of High Street into my room. I love the fact that there’s no iron bar across the window - burglary less common? and that there’s no net to catch insects - too cold for insects to live here. I love sitting on this ledge, a tad precariously, and watching life on High Street. I love gazing at Magdalen college, which I have grown to really love. I used the word love too many times in this piece and I’ve really killed the word now. What can I say - Oxford, je t’adore.