1. Arabic/Chinese calligraphy intersects at a Chinese Muslim temple in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia - Oct 2012

  2. Camels!!!!! Inner Mongolia, Oct 2012

  3. Desert Dunes - inner mongolia - october 2012

  4. Lamassary (Monastery) in inner mongolia - October 2012

  5. the grasslands of Inner Mongolia - October 2012

  6. Torpids (Oxford end of term intercollegiate crew races) go Magdalen! (not sure if people really ever say that) Hilary Term 2013 (almost a year ago now!)


  7. catsnflix asked: Hey, I have a strange question, I'm researching the United Order of Tents, an African American fraternal organization that started in 1867 as a station on the underground railroad. Unfortunately it has been a bit difficult because there is little information published about the Order; however, I just managed to find two documents in the New York Public Library that I would love to have access to. Do you think you could possibly scan the pages and email them to me? I would be eternally grateful!

    Oh no, I would have loved to help you with this! I’m so sorry - I just wasn’t checking my blog that often this summer and I’m no longer in New York. Have you managed to find them? Good luck! Let me know - I might be able to ask a friend.

  8. Wandering around colonialism: we came across these structures that were tributes to the 1492 voyages of Columbus and to Isabella and Fernando. Madrid celebrates in a way I don’t approve of. History is history, though.

  9. "Birds converge on abandoned stroller"

  10. old European architecture is just so fun, isn’t it?

  11. Palacio Real, the largest royal palace in Western Europe!

  12. Plaza Mayor, Madrid 2013

  13. Me too, Audrey. Me too.

  14. Madrid 2013: the city skyline from the top of the Royal Post Office/Palacio de Cibeles

  15. One of my favourite things about this summer has been the New York Public Library. Outdoor reading room at Bryant Park and the Rose Reading Room are great, that’s expected. But the most incredible thing is that I can get ANY book amongst the 15,634,320 books in the NYPL catalogue delivered to ANY library location - including the one INSIDE my subway station! WHAT IS THIS PARADISE!?! I do not know what to do with all the riches bestowed upon me.

    (pictured: eclectic fourth of july long weekend reading)